About Elizabeth Smith


I taught community college French and Spanish until an unexpected budgetary reduction in force in fall 2012 caused me to rethink my life’s direction. During the last semester of full-time teaching, I completed Wine & Spirit Education Trust‘s Level 1 Foundation and Level 2 Intermediate courses. In 2013, I held multiple part-time positions, including online professor for another college and executive assistant for a wine broker and importer. In January 2014, I moved from Bristol, Virginia to Napa Valley, California to start a new career and life. During my first four months in Napa Valley, I completed Wine & Spirit Education Trust‘s Level 3 Advanced course via home study. In addition to my wine studies, I hold a Bachelor of Science in Education degree in French, a Master of Arts degree in French, 30 undergraduate and graduate hours in Spanish, and a Doctor of Arts degree in Community College and Language Education.

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